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Just One of Those Days


Pikes Peak Archery 2014 Remodel

I have been on a bit of a break he last few weeks. On June 14th I hit up the annual Pikes Peak Archery Open House. There are two reasons I make this event every year. One: Great people both the folks from Echo Valley Archers and Jake Mohn, owner of Pikes Peak Archery. Two: EVA puts on a great 3D Shoot. Now because of a very busy turkey hunting season this was my first 3D Shoot of the spring. I noticed during the shoot that my arrow had an unwanted swag. Not a technical term but the arrow was kicking left as it flew. So after I was done with the shoot I walked inside to have Jake take a look at my PSE DNA.

Jake Mohn, owner of Pikes Peak Archery

Jake Mohn, owner of Pikes Peak Archery

I can’t stand an out of tune bow. I knew it needed to be paper-tune and I don’t just trust anyone to work on my bow. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s not because I’m some pro shooter. In fact most pro archers I’m sure tune their own equipment. I love to shoot 3D Archery almost as I love to bowhunt. Thing I have learned over years of shooting is when my bow is paper-tuned the right way, it works the way it should. Makes the bow much more forgiving then if it isn’t paper-tuned.  Jake worked with my PSE DNA for about a half an hour before he would give it back.

Travis Wymer of EVA

Travis Wymer of EVA

I headed back out, took a few test shots and it was on. So I figured why not give the novelty shoot a try. Here is the set up. It was a Bull Elk set out at 80 yards with a 3 inch balloon in the vitals. It was free to play but you only got three arrows to pop the balloon, if you popped said balloon, your name was put into a drawing for some great prizes. Yes I have a 60 and 80 yard pin set on my bow. Why? You might ask, well just for these kinds of shoots. Many 3D shoots I attend have novelty shoots and I love a challenge. Shot One was a near miss, just 2 inches right of the balloon, Shot two was all on me and had a poor release and I miss 4 inches left and 2 inches low. On my third and final shot I center punched the balloon. My name went in the hat, one of only five at that time. Didn’t win anything but popping that balloon is really winning to me.

10481655_10204221885851846_7967387537011195630_oSo it’s been a few weeks and I love my now well-tuned bow. Really it makes it more enjoyable. I feel I can make just about any shot needed. Archery can be a lot like golf, what I mean is confidence is everything. If you feel good about the bow you are shooting and its performance, that alone can turn around your shooting. I have three 3D targets that I bought second hand from archery clubs. I fix them up and there is still have a lot of life left in them. I also have two bag targets that I use around the yard. Having these targets makes for a great mini archery course set up on my acreage. So many times after work I’ll shoot three arrows per target at the 5 targets for a round of 15 arrows. It’s just enough to keep me sharp.

10379966_10204221883531788_930483162252665354_oJust one of those days… It was the end of a long 4th of July weekend. Sara and I had headed out to see family over the 4th. This past Sunday we had just got back from a wedding and I wanted to do a little shooting. Now I talked about my 60 and 80 yard pins but I shoot a 5 pin Spot Hogg REAL DEAL Sight. My pins are set as such 25, 35, 45, 60, & 80 I spend most of my time working between 15 to 50 yards. I always start on my wild hog target. I shot it at 45 yards retrieved my arrows and then again at 50. That’s when the real fun started. On my second arrow I got my first ever true Robin Hood.

10403862_10204221883411785_1858551322609877108_oI say first ever because I have had a few near missed Robin Hood shots that broke arrows in 3D shoots and busted nocks. I knew something was different about the shot because of the sound it made at impact. I shot my last arrow and from 50 yards I could tell it was a great three arrow group. As I walked closer I was excited to find that I had slammed the first arrow. Now could I have shot one before this?? Sure I guess if I shot 12 arrows at the same spot every time but I’m not made of money, I don’t have an arrow sponsor, I don’t like to break arrows, the most I ever shoot is three arrows at the same spot. Some will call it lucky, I’m ok with that. I believe that we all get “lucky” but I always say “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!” Make your own luck. Prepare yourself and your equipment to be successful. Most of all have fun doing it!


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