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Intorducing the Turkey Fan

Victory Outdoors is proud to be partnering with The Turkey Fan for 2014 and 2015. The turkey fan is not a one trick pony, it’s not just the greatest spot and stalk turkey decoy on the market it’s also much more. It is designed to be used in all formats of turkey hunting, Traditional Hunting, Locate and Lure Hunting and Spot and Stalk Hunting. If you can locate a gobbler, the Turkey Fan™ will lure him in! The Turkey Fan is a patent pending, revolutionary turkey decoy that allows users to experience turkey hunting like never before!  It is light-weight, portable, and easy to use, and with the Turkey Fan Camera Bracket you can easily film your hunting experience! 


History of the Turkey Fan 

The Turkey Fan™ product and method of hunting was discovered, developed, and refined by members of 27:3 Outdoors. 

After a long and frustrating day of seeing several gobblers, with none of them coming into shotgun range, we packed up our gear and headed home.  While at home, we turned on a hunting show and watched two snow goose hunters utilize a cow cutout to stalk a large flock of snow geese.  Walking to within yards of the geese, the hunters dropped the cutout and the hunt was on!

This spurred a thought… if we could easily stalk one of those gobblers without being noticed, we could have gotten a bird well before breakfast time.  Quickly ruling out how to make our own cow decoy, we stepped into the garage and began to create our masterpiece, the Turkey Fan.

After several years and several modifications, we are proud to introduce the Turkey Fan as one of the most revolutionary products the hunting world has ever seen.

Please take some time, watch their videos, and consider purchasing a Turkey Fan.  We’re confident you will experience an amazing turkey hunting experience regardless of your skill level.  And when you bag your gobbler with the Turkey Fan, we would love to have you share your experience with the world by posting it to our site.

Mission of the Turkey Fan 

To enhance the overall turkey hunting experience for hunters of any skill level.  


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