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Growing up hunting has taught me many life qualities, such as patients, determination, vigor, and even humility. Hunting is something that gets into your blood and will never come out, but for me it is more than that.

Ice Fishing Trip

12651048_550541831770686_3887523110395749393_nFinally I had time to go Ice fishing. The original plan was to go up to South Dakota in search for some Northern Pike, but the snow storm had given us an ultimatum. Due to the change in schedule we were forced to head out locally and do what we could on farm ponds.

The first pond we hit was a bust. I have been there numerous times fishing, snorkeling and even spearfishing. With those past adventures I was well aware of what lies under the water and where the fish are located. However, when ice fishing those spots; we did not have a bite. We stayed around for nearly three hours and did not receive a single bite, so we decided to pack up and move out.

12645172_550541815104021_930973041683687654_nNext spot on our list was my uncle’s private pond. Here there is quite an abundant amount of fish. We have been catching and releasing here for years, and only keeping a set amount during the winter. The issue with this pond is that it is only eight feet at the deepest part of the pond. This allows vegetation to be very dominant and taking up most of the pond.  The more vegetation throughout the pond, the more worms we find in the fish. This is why we wait till the winter months to keep the fish.

We fished here for six hours Saturday and six hours on Sunday. Within our party of fishermen included Zac Geith, Stevi Newton and I. After everything is done we walked away with 20 bass and 52 bluegill. Even though we didn’t head up to South Dakota, it was a fun weekend and we got some fishing in.

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