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When I’m not hunting or fishing you will catch me honing my bow skills on the 3D range, living in Missouri offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. I hope you will stay tuned to Victory Outdoors for my blog posts and informative videos.

Hunting Over the Years

Scan0003How hunting and the outdoors have changed over the years:

When I started hunting, back when camo was just getting big in Missouri, Deer, and Turkey populations were on the increase. I can remember hunting in a pair of jeans, and a flannel shirt that was my camo starting out. I started hunting with my Father at age 6, small game mostly, such as rabbit and squirrel. My Father taught me that hunting wasn’t a “Right” it was a privilege! That if I am going to be a hunter, the first thing to remember is to respect mother earth, and follow all hunting regulations they are their for a reason. See Dad had grown up in a time when unregulated hunt took deer and turkey populations to the brink! He would go on to teach me, only KILL what I or my family needed to eat and always give back to mother earth. That is part of being a good conservationist he said , and I’m glad he gave me that advise.

What does being a sportsmen mean to me? I think being a sportsmen is being someone who just loves being in the great outdoors; fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and what ever else gets you outside. When I’m out afield the time I enjoy the most is, hearing the woods waking up, hearing mother nature come alive is second to none. Hearing whippoorwills chirping, squirrels barking, and in the spring hearing big o’l tom turkeys gobbling their heads off.

As I get older I have watched how the hunting industry has and is changing. It would seem to me that many of the hunting TV shows and videos are more about the kill than enjoying what mother nature has given us. I’m not hating on the industry for that, it is what it is, but their are a few who do a great job making it more than a show with a bunch of kill shots! They make sure to capture what it is to be a hunter! It’s not all about the kill I can’t count the number of times I have had a great hunt and not killed a thing but just enjoyed being out there!

Scan0002Everyone is in a hurry these days, kids play way to much video games and non of use young or old, spend enough time outdoors! Back when I was growing up if I was inside on a nice day my mother would have asked me “are you sick?” That’s whats wrong with the world today, we need to get more kids (people) off the couch and get them in the outdoors! I try to pay it forward as much as I can, that is what VICTORY OUTDOORS is all about, sharing hunting and outdoor stories! We have something for the experienced as well as for people who are just getting into the outdoors. As life goes on and the world changes lets protect what god gave us in the land, the wildlife, the air, and the waters. Whatever you do and where ever you go, respect the earth, pick up litter and just be a good steward of the land. Leave it better then you found it and take a kid hunting!


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