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When I’m not hunting or fishing you will catch me honing my bow skills on the 3D range, living in Missouri offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. I hope you will stay tuned to Victory Outdoors for my blog posts and informative videos.

Hunter Safety System

Treestand Safety Has A Name: Hunter Safety System


HSS Lifeline

HSS Lifeline

When I started hunting 30 yrs ago treestands  were pretty much homemade, and a safety harness was an after thought. Most of my hunting was done from the ground where you were eye to eye with the game you are hunting. After several years later, companies started manufacturing stands but safety harness’s weren’t a big deal. As the industry was growing safety started getting more and more talked about. We kept hearing about hunters falling from trees, getting injured, paralyzed, broken bones, and even death. That’s why when I bought my first stand I also got my first safety harness. It wasn’t much of a harness in fact it was a safety belt, a strap that went around your waste. Not very safe by today’s standards but at least you wouldn’t hit the ground. I was young when I started using treestands and only hunted about 10 ft off the ground. As I grew as a hunter and learned more about the whitetail deer, I knew I wanted to hunt higher. So by then they were putting out more of a safety harness and Hunter Safety System is the harness company! The treestand industry started discouraging the single strap style safety belts and started including a full body safety harness with each treestand. Now that safety is key factor in the hunting industry I’ll tell you how I stay safe.

Linemen's Climbing Strap

Linemen’s Climbing Strap

1: Climbing Stand: When I start climbing and attach myself to the tree by using a tree strap, or Linemen’s Climbing Strap. I slide the tree strap as I climb and when I reach the hunting height. I use the tree strap, just like in any other stand, so I’m connected to the tree at all times.

2: Fix Position Stands: Hunter Safety System makes a great product called the Lifeline Rope, that attaches to the tree above your stand and hangs to the bottom of the tree. When I approach the stand I hook in to the prusik knot and start my ascent.  By using this product I’m locked in the tree as I climb. Most falls happen when climbing in and out of the stands

HSS Lifeline

HSS Lifeline

Before you venture into the field this year check out all new products Hunter Safety System has to offer and if you don’t have one yet get yourself the best safety harness’s on the market. They have all the accessories that you need to hunt hard and hunt safe this fall. Make sure to check back here at Victory Outdoors for all things deer hunting.

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