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Ty is an avid bowhunter, he hunts anything at anytime as long as he can! He has been known to find things to hunt with it even when most other bows are hanging up! He looks forward to sharing his adventures and hunts with you through Victory Outdoors. Stay Tuned!!!

Hunter & Conservation Camp

IMG_2317About a week ago I had the chance of taking my son Garrett and 4 other boys to the hunter and conservation camp that was put on by the Iowa DNR at Springbrook State Park in Guthrie Center, Iowa. Now this camp is based around the hunter education book and test. So the campers are taught several different skills. Camp started on Wednesday and went through Friday at the camp the boys got to shoot skeet muzzleloaders 22 rifles archery they were also introduced to some trapping and furbearer education they got to band birds that we trapped.

IMG_2316There was a fisheries biologist that came and spoke to the campers. As a mentor I was allowed to ride on the boat and shock fish to show the campers how the Iowa DNR does research on the fish in different lakes around the state. This camp has been going on for several years and has always had great turnout it is limited to 83 campers and there are two sessions for boys and two sessions for girls Springbrook has dormitories with air-conditioning that are really super nice helping to make it a great experience for everybody. AJay Winter is the coordinator of the education camps at Springbrook. He and along with several volunteers coming from all over the state help to make the camp and amazing experience for all the kids that are involved.

IMG_2315There is a huge need for more mentors and instructors at these camps I will be returning as an instructor to as many as possible it is a great way for a parent and son or daughter to go and spend a few days in the great outdoors enjoying time with each other you can find the link to the camps on that Iowa DNR website or simply click on this link –> HACC conservation camp and it will tell you all the details on how to sign up along with a detailed schedule of what the kids will be doing. The cost of the camp is $150 pheasants forever chapters in the state of Iowa offer scholarships for students to attend these classes and camps free of charge. Our youth are the most important link that will keep the tradition of hunting and fishing alive, here is a great chance to pass on your passion to kids that excited to learn!


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