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My hunting passion was started at a young age. Watching my Dad and Uncles hunt for deer, pheasants, and quail. I was hooked. I started by shooting sparrows with a bb gun. As I continued to grow so did my drive to hunt and fish. When I turned 14 and had completed hunter safety it was time to hunt doves and deer. I shot my first deer at the age of 16 with a rifle in Nebraska. As I got older I found archery hunting, shooting my first deer with a bow was a new found passion. After that I put the rifle away and it was archery and muzzleloader from their on.


IMG_0676I often wondered when my kids would really start enjoying the outdoors the same way as I do and in the last couple of years they have really started to do just that. From ice fishing to duck hunting or just in a kayak on a lake for the first time it has been a adventure.

First we will start with the ice fishing. The first time I took them out was a total nightmare, we had one that stuck his foot in the water and was cold another that had to go number 2 after 20 minutes of being there. It was a total learning experience though and now I can take them and be out there for hours catching lots of fish and just having time with my boys. After last year my youngest boy Holden has just feel in love with it, I can’t hardly go without him and that’s alright with me. He even will get up before sunrise to be out there before anybody else. Needless to say we caught our limit a few times last year.

IMG_0220Second the duck hunting. It was not so bad the first time I took them compared to the ice fishing. The boat we hunt out of is completely enclosed so they stay warm and dry. It has a 2 burner stove in it so I cook them breakfast and lunch. The only problem was it was hard for them to see out of because of the height so I cut o foot off of the top to make it better for them and easier to hunt out of also hide in the weeds. This year I will start letting them shoot ducks for the first time also, I can’t not wait for that.

IMG_0676Third summer fishing. The boys have recently both come to love just getting out on the boat and getting some lines in the water. We started off this year with a lake and did ok catching some pan fish. I liked it because we go over the rules of being on the boat for the first time out for the year before we head to the river to catch some catfish. Both boys have grown to love this just the riding from spot to spot is fun for them. I let them drive here and there and you can’t beat the smile on there faces.

Fourth I will talk about is the kayaking. We recently had a chance to go to a lake of some of our family members and they had some kayaks that they allowed my boys to use. I was so nervous at first even though they had there life jackets on, I don’t know if I will ever lose that feeling. They stayed in the cove where there was no boat traffic and they were able to pick it up so quickly that pretty soon they were going farther and farther out in the lake. It was a blast watching them have fun and learn so fast.

IMG_0725Last I will say is if you have kids and you love the outdoors get your kids out there and have some fun. I have learned so much about staying calm and just teaching them. There so much to do outside, my boys and I are really starting do more and more even now we recently started shooting a crossbow and they love it. So gets your kids out there and enjoy.

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