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Fool A Deer’s Nose W/ Buck Bomb

Fool A Deer’s Nose With New Synthetic Urines From The Buck Bomb

Buck Bomb SYN Estrus33 copyThe new Synthetic Urines from The Buck Bomb can fool even the wariest deer into coming in for a look.

Available in Doe in Estrus and Dominant Buck scents, The Buck Bomb Synthetic Urines are specially formulated to maintain true deer smell, while complying with new regulations in some states banning natural scents. They work great as both an attractant and cover scent.

The Buck Bomb Synthetic Urines come in a 6.65-oz. can that can be sprayed intermittently, or locked down to fog the entire area.

The Buck Bomb Synthetic Doe in Estrus and Dominant Buck lures sell for a suggested retail price of $9.99 each.

To learn more about other great products from the Buck Bomb, visit your local retailer or visit www.thebuckbomb.com.

Buck Bomb SYN Buck33 copyAbout The Buck Bomb:

The Buck Bomb is the leader in effective scent dispersal of scent attractors, granular attractants and attractant infused corn for deer, elk, bear, hogs and predators. Utilizing a patented scent dispersal system technology, the Buck Bomb scents are a cost effective way to effectively spread attractor scents over larger hunting areas. Easy to use and cost effective- The Buck Bomb products help new and experience hunters achieve their maximum effectiveness. The Buck Bomb is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunters Specialties, Inc.

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