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“No-Plow” Food Plot Update

View from the Tree Stand

Even without much rain this year the “No-Plow” food plots worked just as I had hoped. Sure the plots that got more sunlight did better but I didn’t expect them to grow like “field” plots. For review the landowner had harvested a few trees this past winter and we now had some openings in the forest canopy. The idea was to put in a few 20 yard X 20 yard, no plow food plots close to the areas we hunt. These are in addition to our traditional field food plots that we may or may not hunt over during bow season. In other words these are hunting plots not really food plots, designed to get deer to visit areas we will hunt over.

Watching the food plot 24/7

Both of these areas I have hunted over the last two seasons, so I have some good background data to fall back on. I should be able tell if these plots are having an impact on the deer traffic in these areas. The area isn’t an area that I have control over a large number of acres. In fact this is a very small tract of land so “growing” a monster buck is something I really don’t have a ton of control over.

My goal with this tract of land is to draw a shooter buck into the area. Early season that could include food but I’m talking the RUT! These somewhat small plots will hopefully draw in does during the rut. This tract of land is a great crossroads. Many buck cruise through this area everyday going from one larger block or another, looking for dose’s if they are hanging around.   Well it’s just a matter of time before a he comes looking.

As a test this year we put in two of these plots.  Both plots now have tree stands within 20 yards. The plots are being browsed on by the deer but they are not wiping them out. Fall is here, bow season is days away, I have a trail cam watching the food plot 24/7, and I know two of my “Hitlist” bucks are in the area. Will the work payoff? I hope so but really I’m kind of just pumped that the plots grew. Everything has been done needed to be successful. I do believe in “LUCK” but my favorite line about “LUCK” is “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!” With that being said all that is needed is opportunity.

Here is a link to the post, on what and how it was planted: http://victoryoutdoormedia.com/no-plow-food-plots/