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My hunting passion was started at a young age. Watching my Dad and Uncles hunt for deer, pheasants, and quail. I was hooked. I started by shooting sparrows with a bb gun. As I continued to grow so did my drive to hunt and fish. When I turned 14 and had completed hunter safety it was time to hunt doves and deer. I shot my first deer at the age of 16 with a rifle in Nebraska. As I got older I found archery hunting, shooting my first deer with a bow was a new found passion. After that I put the rifle away and it was archery and muzzleloader from their on.


IMG_0579The first time I was ever able to go turkey hunting was also my first time going on a hunting trip. I was 14 years old and we were heading to western Nebraska out by Ainsworth along the Niobrara River Valley. My brother Heath, cousin Heath, uncles Saylor and John, and Grandpa Hap were also on the trip. My brother asked my dad that I not be allowed to go that I was to young, he is 2 years older than me. Well my dad didn’t listen to him and let me go. We stayed in a cabin near a bluff along the river bottom. It was nice as far as cabins go it didn’t have running water but it had bunk beds a table to eat at and a wood burning stove to keep warm. To me it was awesome!

The first morning arrived with hi hopes. I was the first one up and out the door just after sun up. I walked out the door turned the corner to head east along the bluff and didn’t make it but a few steps looked up to my surprise there was a turkey 60 yards away. Me being on my first game hunt like this I was so excited I ran back in the cabin to tell everybody that there was a turkey right outside the cabin, my brother and cousin didn’t believe and followed me outside, with my luck as usual the turkey was gone but they followed me up the bluff anyway.

DSC00993My cousin and I made it to the top turned around and my brother was gone he had turned back the bluff turned out to steep for him. My cousin wanted to hunt with my brother so he went back down to find him. I continued on and found a nice pine to sit under and watch for awhile. I wasn’t sat down but for 2 to 3 minutes and I heard some turkeys just making a racket, they were running my way being chased by a coyote. One turkey flew up by me and the other kept running with coyote hot on his tail. I quickly shot the hen that flew up by me picked her up and headed down the hill to the cabin. My uncle Saylor was still in the cabin he came out and started taking pictures of me he just couldn’t believe that it took me less than 20 minutes from start to end to fill my tag. He even had me sit in the cabin with the turkey on a chair next to me and me playing cards. From the kid that his brother didn’t even want to go I was the only one to fill a tag that trip, it was one that I will never forget.

DSC00962If you ever have the chance to hunt along the Niobrara River Valley I highly suggest that you do! The scenery is great with the river, big pines, deer, turkey, and different waterfalls to look at or shower in if needed. Let me tell you though those spring fed creeks are cold year around especially in October. I am so glad that we have scent away products now from HS to use they are a saver.

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