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When I’m not hunting or fishing you will catch me honing my bow skills on the 3D range, living in Missouri offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. I hope you will stay tuned to Victory Outdoors for my blog posts and informative videos.

Filming Hunts


Gorilla’s Tree Arm is great for small camcorders!

When I first started filming I first asked myself where do I get started, what do I need, and where do I get the info I need to learn. The first thing is do your homework check out what other hunters use, what equipment are they using and where do I get that equipment. By doing research and asking a lot of questions, I found out what kind of cameras I would need for the kind of hunting I do. If you are looking for some good deals on cameras you can check out, Campbell Cameras website, and B&H photo , also check out your local camera stores.


My current set up is a Sony HDR AX 2000

Besides a camera you will also need some attachments,maybe a shotgun mic, or wireless mic set, camera tree arm, camera light, a good tripod and a great fluid head. Manfrotto is one of the top selling companies on the market, with consumer pricing that won’t break the bank. (very reasonable) For tree arms you can check out Muddy Outdoors and Third Arm tree arms. For cheaper versions you can look at Primos and Gorilla. Next up a shotgun mic Azden makes a good mics and here’s some others you might want checkout Rode, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Sony and Samson. All of these companies also a wireless mic sets. Wireless Mic sets really help you pick up audio of the hunter, especially in windy conditions.

One on my hunts last spring!

One on my hunts last spring!

Finally if you get what you need to film your hunts be creative watch all the hunting shows you can and never for get you can always check us out here at Victory Outdoors. One thing to remember is we are always learning as well, the more you film the better you will get at it. We always try to bring you all the best hunting tips, stories, videos and blogs right here on Victory Outdoors. If you have any questions about filming your hunts leave us a question, below in the comments and we will do our best to get you an answer.


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