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As a young boy growing up in the Loess Hills of Iowa, I was naturally drawn to the outdoors. With most of my free time spent hunting or fishing, I developed a passion for whitetails.

Felicia’s Turkey Season Blues

my son killing his first turkey

Drake’s First Turkey!

The turkey gods didn’t shine on my wife Felicia and I this late season in Iowa. A tag sandwich was not the worst part of her not filling her tag. The worst was the fact that Drake an his mother have been talking a bunch of smack about who will kill the biggest turkey. Drake ended up winning the contest between the two. An man oh man is he rubbing it in his moms face. I got to laughing the other night, he was giving her grief about not shooting a turkey, laughing right up until the point where it turned into my fault!!!! I guess my turkey calling skills are not up to snuff.

All in all I enjoyed myself this year, with my son killing his first turkey ( VIDEO: DRAKE’S FIRST TURKEY) and my brothers friend from college also getting his first turkey. (VIDEO HERE: BOW BACKUP) I also enjoyed having the opportunity to hunt with Ty Green and Curtis Goettsch in Southern Iowa where I was able to kill a great turkey with my PSE Archery Equipment. (VIDEO: ZAC TAGS OUT) 

Ty and I with our 4th season toms!

The last weekend of the Iowa turkey season we had the chance to reap a turkey but the gun was in my wife’s hand. As we walked out to the middle of the field with nothing between us besides a turkey fan, we closed the distance. At thirty yards the turkey dropped strut an got nervous. Away he went but after closer inspection he was not a tom but a jake with a full fan. My wife was not that broken hearted about not shooting that jake because our son, Drake might of gave her a worse time about shooting a baby. But next year will be a whole new ball game. With another turkey season in the books an a good one at that. I can’t wait till next year.  Stay turned to Victory Outdoors for more it’s food plot and fishing season!

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