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Fall Turkey Classic

It’s no secret that I love turkey hunting, spring and fall the same. In the past I haven’t hunted fall turkeys the traditional way, of busting up a flock and calling back. Instead I have just found the large fall groups and called them into range. In some cases I have even passed on taking a shot and just let the turkeys be turkeys. I learn more about turkeys in the fall then I ever will in the spring. Just setting and watching them do their thing; I pick up things that I will use to make me a better turkey hunter.

This hunt started as an early season deer hunt but as I hunted my way to the tree stand, I spotted a flock of turkeys. The flock was right in the area I needed to walk through in order to get to the stand. I decided that I would go traditional and rush the flock. It worked. Turkeys went in all directions and I headed to my stand. I still didn’t know if I would really be hunting turkeys that afternoon. I really was looking for a buck that I know was in the area. Soon the woods were full of Kee Keeing turkeys in all directions, it was the perfect set up to call in a fall turkey. I dug in my pack and found one of my turkey calls by Commando Hunting Products. I always have a turkey call on my person at all times. I started by kee kee back to the lost turkeys, and adding in an assembly yelp. I had turkeys work my way and some came close but not within bow range. The turkey’s settled down some and it seem they had started to get grouped back up, so I went back into deer hunting mode.

It was time, the time of the afternoon hunt when bucks start moving, it was the last hour of light. Deer hunting got me thinking, I haven’t tried my new Mr. Wingbones’s Call, so I gave it a try. Just then I spotted movement it was a hen turkey, check that three turkeys, coming down a trail that if they stayed on would bring them within 20 yards.

As I expected they stayed the course and it put them in front of my stand at 15 yards. If any of you have ever tried to draw on a turkey while hunting from a tree stand you know that they really can see everything. The lead hen picked me off as I assumed she would but she only went about 10 yards. the other two didn’t know what to make of it as I had waited to draw my bow until those turkeys had gone behind thick brush. As they made their way to the lead hen they came into a shooting lane. I settled my pin on the turkey, had a great release and as fast as it started it was over the Rage tipped arrow sailed though the turkey. My PSE EVO had struck again, for the second fall turkey in a row, I had a recovery of zero yards. I don’t know if it’s the speed of the PSE or the devastating cut of the Rage, but after  the shot there isn’t much movement.

 The meat is in the freezer and the wing bones are on there way to Edwin “Mr. Wingbones” for him to make me a custom wingbone call made from a turkey I harvested myself. If you would be interrested in a trophy like this you can contract Mr. Wingbones Calls at their facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/AllThingsTurkey