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Fall Food Plot Update


Well we lucked out with this New Monster RAXX seeding, three days after it was planted it we got 1 1/2 inches of rain. The pictures are three weeks to the day it was seeded and the seeding is really coming along. We are six weeks and one day from the start of the Iowa Archery Season now I have some clover plots that go planted in the spring. Early on the deer will be more likely to focus on the clover than this plot but that’s the point. This is the new late season bulb plot mix that Monster RAXX will offer in 2014 with things like beats, turnips, and many other bulbs.


The idea about these bulb seeding is to have something after that hard killing frost. That is just what this Monster RAXX food plot will do. What happens is the killing frost makes the tops that much more palatable to the deer. Don’t get me wrong they will graze it before but they will hammer it after the frost. The deer will dig the bulbs right out of the ground. So I know what stand I will want to be in when the bucks start hitting this plot!! See the video of how we seeded this at http://victoryoutdoormedia.com/monster-raxx-food-plot-curtis-goettsch/1-0824131503a





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