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Ty is an avid bowhunter, he hunts anything at anytime as long as he can! He has been known to find things to hunt with it even when most other bows are hanging up! He looks forward to sharing his adventures and hunts with you through Victory Outdoors. Stay Tuned!!!

Extending Your Turkey Season

IMG_0396It seems like not that long ago I was invited on my first out of state turkey hunt. I have had the pleasure of hunting in several states over the years. I have hunted Missouri, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Mississippi, South Dakota, and have been invited to hunt several other states.

My love for turkey hunting is only increased when I get to hunt a different farm or state. I love the challenge of learning the lay of the land and how to get the birds to respond to my calls. I have learned a lesson every time I hunt I think. If you put in a little time and planning you can get a great trip lined out for this spring and enjoy hunting a different area or Species of turkey. I usually hunt 3 or 4 states each spring. It is not that tough to get a great hunt planned on your own.

IMG_0381Most states have great public land areas that you can find great hunting on. I have killed Public land birds in several states. You just need to start out by deciding what species and where you want to hunt. That is probably the hardest part!! After deciding you can surf the net and find about all the info you need to plan great low cost hunt. Utilize the NWTF website they have a ton of great info for the traveling turkey hunter. Every state has a website that will tell you all the ins and outs of the requirements for that state. Do not be afraid to call the office in the area you want to hunt and make sure you understand all the requirements and sometimes they will even share info on where they have seen the birds lately.

If going in blind is not your cup of tea then try swapping a hunt with someone. The North American Hunting Club is a great place to meet folks on line and I have swapped several hunts with folks on there. The NWTF site is also a good spot. There are even facebook groups just for swapping hunts. Be sure to spend some time and do a little research if you are going to hunt with new folks but I have yet to have a bad experiences with a swap hunt situation.

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