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Hunting is my passion, as I can imagine it is the passion for most everyone here. I was born with this drive to pursue wild game, to harvest an animal and bring to my table the meat provided. Ever since I was old enough to remember I have been hunting. Growing up in Dallas, Texas with a father who has a passion for the outdoors I can remember long sits in the deer blind, the pre-dawn hours nestled into the tall milo fields waiting on the first signs of doves and of course the great fishing that the lakes around our house provided.

Dog Days of Summer

PNGyote hunt 2It seems that when spring turkey season ends many hunters get the hunting blues. Our minds wander over past hunts, of what we could have done, should have done and would have done if only we were able to go back to the previous deer season and do it all over again. Visions of 200 inch bucks seem to clog your brain as the season slowly and painfully draws closer. You find yourself watching past episodes of your favorite Victory Outdoors hunts, aching to get back into the woods.
Maybe you love to hunt white-tailed deer, maybe you thrive in the cold waters as you wait on the ducks to land into your decoy setup, or maybe you love to chase those elusive turkeys. Whatever it is, the seasons are done and over with. In Missouri our squirrel season has opened back up as well as coyote season. Many people dare not to brave the heat to chase after the sly bushy tail, and even fewer yet do not think about hunting coyotes in the dead of summer. But if it is legal in your state to hunt coyotes during the summer months, I urge you to give it a try.
PNGyote huntDuring the bitter winter months everyone is trying to take advantage of a coyotes need to eat. Late January into March these very sly animals have heard every call in a hunter’s book. But after the hunters have left the fields and turned their attention onto chasing turkey and then trying to keep cool they tend to forget all past lessons. Recently I had time for a quick one hour hunt before work. A co-worker and I had time to do two sets and we were not disappointed. After setting out our caller we had just turned it on and I was just sitting down when a coyote made his way from the wood’s almost three hundred yards away.
If there is one thing that makes hunting coyotes in the summer it is the tall grass. I had trouble locating the coyote and was only able to spot him after standing. Another coyote made its way along the wood’s edge, disappearing back into the shadows. Without the aide of my bi-pod in this standing position I took the shot and missed. Gathering our things we quickly made our way to our next set, having the caller set-up for five minutes before another coyote made his appearance 400 yards across the field. He seemed a seasoned veteran, staying among the brush and disappearing when he saw nothing that sparked his interest.
Two sets and three coyotes. Not too bad for a quick summertime hunt. Something that we learned: a rabbit in distress call with various pitches works very well. Also, it may be wise to add a moving decoy for future hunts. Make sure that hunting coyotes is legal during the summer months and take some time to beat the heat and try your luck at calling in these very coy animals.

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