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I have always had a passion for the outdoors. I was born and raised in the country and it all started when I went on my first squirrel hunt. I became attached to the hunting world. I enjoy sitting on the field edge at the break of morning calling in that big Tom, or that moment I’m at full draw putting my 20 yard pin on a nice buck. It all comes down to being honored to just have the opportunity to be able to enjoy a passion that all hunter bond with.

Determination Pays Off

GotyobackOpening day of Iowa youth turkey hunting I joined, Mossy Oak Regional ProStaff Manager, Perry Peterson and his daughter, Alyssa, for some early morning turkey action. Perry doesn’t need any help in the turkey hunting department so I was there to film the hunt. I arrived the night before and we talked about the morning game plan, as we were talking about the morning hunt Alyssa was nothing but smiles just waiting for 4:30 am to come quick. As the morning arrived we got geared up and ready to hit the woods and just like the night before I think Alyssa was ready and out the door before her dad and I. We loaded gear in the ranger and off we went, it wasn’t too long after that and we were set up and waiting for some birds..

Perry gave out a few calls and as expected a gobble, so Perry played with them a little. From the sounds of it Alyssa would be tagged out shortly. As we all know how easy turkey hunting is… they flew off roost and went the other way. After some more calling everything the turkeys fell silent. So we packed up and tried out a few other spots, only none of the birds read the script.

HeroPicUnfortunately, I was not able to join them for the hunt on Sunday but Alyssa wasn’t going to hold back. Alyssa and her dad went back out Sunday morning, the hunt went a lot like the morning before BUT…… afternoon was a different story. She would connect on a nice tom. Perry sends me a picture and it was just one of those moments that you kick yourself in the rear for not being there to run the camera. Anytime you can get the youth into the woods is a great deal they are the next generation to keep hunting alive, with that said happy hunting and stay safe.

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