Dennis Hensley

Field Staff Member

Pheasant Hunting Group PicI have been a lover of the outdoors for as long as I can remember. Any free time I had, you could most likely find me; in the timber, a field or at one of my fishing holes. Growing up in southwest Iowa has spoiled me with the privilege to hunt some of Iowa’s most wanted whitetail.

I can recall my first hunt. My father took me pheasant hunting with a Red Ryder BB gun. I remember walking down a fence line when a rooster flew up and I fired my gun along with my father! It was the greatest experience I’d ever had at that point in my life.

BuckI resided in Bedford, IA, until I graduated high school and then I quickly moved a little ways south to Nodaway County in Missouri to be with my, now wife, Hannah, whom I met just shy of my senior year. It was in her hometown of Maryville, MO that we started our family and lived for eight years.

My wife and I have been blessed with a daughter, Haydenn who is five and a son, Brentlee who is one. I am so anxious to share my love of hunting with both of my children; Haydenn will be going with me this next coming turkey season and she is thrilled! My father is the one who introduced me to hunting by sharing his passion for it with me, and now I am able to pass the tradition onto my children!

family PortraitAfter living in Missouri for those few years my heart ached to be back across the border for the sole purpose of hunting, and I was eventually able to convince my wife to move back to Bedford, IA. Moving back to my home territory got my blood boiling with excitement knowing that I would be going back to the farmland I grew up hunting. Another hobby that I have quickly attained is shed hunting and it has recently introduced me into the antler buying world. I have come to find a secondary love for the beautiful whitetails that I hunt. As soon as late muzzleloader season has ended a new season starts for me, shed hunting. My antler buying business has helped me to form new relationships and great friendships, which is how I came to know Ty Green.

All BucksI am currently employed with Cactus Feeders, working with livestock. Along with that I have dedicated my time to the city of Bedford as a volunteer, nationally certified fireman. I am spending any of my spare time on the road with my business, Midwest Antlers. I am so grateful for my family and this opportunity here at Victory Outdoors, I feel so blessed.