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Obsessed with bowhunting whitetails and running trail cams! Love fishing, 3D Archery, camping, and teaching hunter education. Been a member of the Mossy Oak ProStaff since 2008 and is excited to become a part of the team here at Victory Outdoors.

Dan’s 1st Card Pull

Check back in the coming weeks for updates on this guy.

Check back in the NEXT week for a Buck Profile on this guy.

I hit the woods Sunday for my first card pull of the summer, and I was happy to find all my cameras in proper working order where I left them. They had all taken a respectable number of pictures, and I was anxious to sort through them looking for nice pictures and clues as to what this year’s antler growing season would bring. I always take a tablet along to do a preliminary check while at the camera site to make sure I’m getting the kind of pictures I’m looking for, as well as making sure the background is what I want and the animals are centering in the frame. This way I can make any necessary adjustments or make the decision to move the camera while I’m there. As I flipped through the pics on the tablet, I was happy to see some good growth from a couple different bucks, as well as one that has some interesting non-typical growth. I got over 200 pictures of the non-typical buck on two different cameras, so I’m happy with the amount of time he’s spending on the property. I’ll put together a separate profile on him, since he’s easily identifiable and so far he’s not camera shy, but here is a sneak peek. Check back in the coming weeks for updates on this guy.

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