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Completion of the Redneck Blind

Well after a very hectic weekend, we got the time to get the equipment into the woods to finish setting up the Redneck Blind. After getting everything into the woods, we stared at one minor problem that we saw. The blind was going to be too awkward for the forks on the skid loader. So with a little redneck engineering on my part, we built a platform out of a pallet and scrap lumber I luckily threw on the trailer. After getting that built and getting the blind on skid loader it was time to get next to the tower.
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2013-09-28 08.01.27

Well it is usually easier said than done when my grandpa is around. He is one of those people who get really excited when it is un-needed. Well as I was lifting the blind up and leveling it on the way, he starts hollering to tilt it, which in turn makes me just about dump it right off. After getting things settled there, it was time to finish lifting and slide it on. We got it slid on and bolted down, and it was done!

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In all reality, that was the easiest of everything with the building and constructing of this Redneck Blind. We ended up putting this blind on a food plot between two bedding areas and along the river. Usually there are tons of deer that go through this area, and there were no trees high enough or enough cover to get away with just a regular stand. With this blind, we feel like we will be able to get in and hunt it a little more. The glory thing about it is that it overlooks the food plot, all the entrances into the plot, and has bow shooting windows out the corners. I was able to keep my brother in law from cutting every tree down within fifty yards, which will be a big help too. Hopefully throughout the year we will get to bring you some footage of us shooting something out of this thing now. Stay tuned to Victory Outdoors!

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