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Buck Profile: Shorty

M2E25L60-60R384B307“Shorty” well the name tells you something about this buck his G2 are shorter then his G3s by a few inches. This is one of the bucks that I had a ton of history with going back to last season. I had a ton for trail cam pictures of “Shorty”. He was one of my top five hitlist buck after seeing him in person, I was sure he would push into the 160s. I spotted him in a CRP field from the stand one afternoon. From 200 yards he had the look of a shooter.

M2E38L127-126R399B307Then in mid November while I was fall turkey hunting, he walked by. Now let me explain what I mean by he walked by, he was close, 15 yard at most. I sat at the bottom of a large oak tree, with fellow staffer TJ Nagel, 10 yards to my left. As the sun broke the sky, I heard something coming. I look over my shoulder, just as he jumped over the fence line about 40 yards away. Without moving I whispered to TJ “Big buck Big buck,  don’t move”.

M2E26L55-54R375B309Shorty walked up and never knew we where there. He walked by at 15 yards and then proceeded to hit a scrape about 40 years away. If I wasn’t sure he was a shooter I was now, only thing was I had filled my Iowa Tag on a similar sized buck two weeks before. So my only hope was that he would make it until next fall.

M2E26L65-64R387B307So the wait has been ongoing. Shorty has yet to show up on my trail cams. I’m still holding out hope that he is around but only time will tell. He was a regular last year, getting a few pictures each week dating back to August of last year up to the end of shotgun season. So that and the fact I did see him a few times while hunting tells me I’m well within his core area. At least I have something to look forward to when checking my Covert Scouting Cams. As if I needed motivation to check cams LOL!!!




























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