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Buck Profile “KickStart”

This is a nice ten point that has a good kicker coming off of his G2. I’m calling him KickStart I won’t say that I wouldn’t shoot him but I might let have a pass. I feel this buck is just getting started and if given another year could blow up. Like I said I didn’t rule out killing him but I sure would like to see what he could become. Too be continued…

As always if you want to see a big picture click on them. Thanks for stopping by and good luck this fall!

M2E1L4-14R350B300 M2E35L111-110R390B311 M2E34L109-109R390B311 M2E32L107-107R390B311 M2E4L23-29R350B300 M2E4L25-31R350B300 M2E1L0-8R350B300 M2E1L0-9R350B300 M2E1L0-8R350B300 M2E1L9-18R350B300 M2E1L4-13R350B300 M2E1L2-11R350B300 M2E1L1-11R350B300

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