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Blackstone Custom Calls…. Product Review

One thing that did show up last weekend just in time for this weekend’s turkey hunt was an order I had placed with Blackstone Custom Calls. I had ordered, a few turkey calls from them after talking with owner and custom call marker, Dustin Jones. Now as you may or may not know I spend a lot of time running around the Mid West competing in NWTF Turkey Calling Contests. In my travels, one of the coolest things I have found about calling contest is meeting the other callers and getting to know them. At this point we all know each other well and I was talking to a few callers about Blackstone Custom Calls, Dustin puts in a ton of work into each call and if you don’t like the call, he will gladly take it back and refund your money. Trust me that won’t be an issue, everyone I have talked to loves his calls. I had to get a few for myself to see what “all the buzz” was about.

His calls have seen the National stage in the hands of some of the greatest callers in the world. Dustin himself is a champion caller and he is addicted to making each call as good as his best. He is always learning to make his calls better. Here is the kicker, the price, now I can’t tell you what each call cost but most of his calls sale for about $40 per call. Yes 40 bucks for a stage ready custom call! You will not find a call of this quality any cheaper than that. Along with that you won’t find an easier person to deal with, he must have contacted me ten times letting me know how he was coming on my calls. As I stated before if you are not happy with the call in any way shape or form, he will take it back a send you a different call or refund your money.

I can’t wait to get out and use these calls this weekend. I have been playing non-stop since I picked them up from the post office. These calls look great, the craftsmanship of these calls in second to none but that not why I bought these calls. For me it’s all about the sound, it can look like junk for all I care but if it sounds 100% turkey I want it. These are the finest pot calls I have ever run and yes they look good too. Whether you’re looking for a call to use on stage or in the woods you can’t beat what Blackstone Custom Calls is putting out. Dustin didn’t send me these calls for free I paid for them the same as everyone else does. I just wanted support Dustin and his calls most because of the way he treats his customers and as I stated many times they really are outstanding calls. Want to see how great they sound you can watch this YouTube video (below) of Dustin playing many of the calls he makes.

If you want to see or learn more about Blackstone Custom Calls check them out on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blackstone-Custom-Calls/229301093751833 contacting Dustin on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/dustin.jones.3766




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