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Better 2 be Lucky…

shed finds 3Sometimes I would rather be lucky than good. I have found myself saying that a few times this spring oddly. It has been a rough year to shed hunt for me, between deer not dropping antlers, snow, and work, I just haven’t seen the time that I would have liked. While actually out looking for antlers, I only found 2.I was disappointed this year, it just never seemed like I was going to find any antlers.


Normally, I find anywhere between 15-20 “good” antlers every year. So only having 2 was really bugging me. On the drive home one day, I just happened to glance over and there was number 3! Lying right on the edge of the ditch was a 4 point antler. While it was only a 45” inch antler, I was pumped! I will take being lucky! A week later while taking some treestands to a hunting property, we came across a few more. Now, when I first spotted them, everyone in my truck thought something major was wrong. I hit the brakes hard and backed up. There lying in the ditch laid a big massive set.

road find 1The odds are pretty rare to find a set lying right next to each other, and even rarer lying in a road ditch. Perhaps the most astonishing thing was that they happened to be a 150” 9 pt set. Pumped was an understatement! It had made the whole trip, but yet on the way home we spotted a 3rd antler! It was official, this year more antlers came from the road than actually looking. The following week we actually ended up finding 2 more from the road on the way home from work. So in a year where we found 4 antlers while actually looking, we found 6 while driving down the road. To top it off, we also found two dead heads lying in a road ditch as well. I don’t think I ever officially quit looking for antlers, but my attention has been turned to turkeys now. road findsAll of my teammates here at Victory Outdoors have been slaying the turkeys, and I have yet to get after them. So I am hoping that I will be lucky one more time this spring!

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