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Archery Pre-Season… this isn’t the NFL


…this isn’t the NFL, it means something

A transition from Practice to Field: No matter how much you practice, you are not completely ready to head to the field until you change from practice mode to hunt mode. As an avid 3D tournament shooter, I have to make this transition every fall. To help myself make the switch from summer practice to fall success, I use these excellent habits to become more effective in the field and I think they could help you.

Bowhunters, as a whole we are pretty diligent about practicing with their chosen hunting tool. A good number of them attend either formal or informal 3D shoots though out the summer in addition to regular backyard practice. However, to be a truly effective stick, string hunters, and your pre-season game plan needs just a little more than just 3D courses and/or backyard shooting.



While any archery practice is good, realistic archery practice is the best. I prefer 3-D targets to target bags or flat foam-core targets. They not only help get me in the mood for hunting but also assist in visualizing arrow placement at the angles necessary to make a clean shot.



In the summer I live to shoot 3-D for two reasons:

A. I love competition and

B. it’s the best practice I can do.

I shoot 10 to 15 3-D shoots with each of them consisting of 40 to 50 targets.These targets are now available in a wide range of animals and styles for a fraction of what they cost only a few years ago.

Full-dress practice includes wearing hunting clothing and all of the accessories you will carry into the field during the season, and I tend to do this in season. Yes I still practice during the season; seasons can be long if you’re holding out for a trophy, then you will want to stay sharp. Even if you’re only shooting a few times a week for ten minutes you’re better prepared to make the shot, then if you haven’t practiced since the opener.

Next time we will talk about this more… DRY RUN PRACTICE.


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