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Almost Closed the Deal on Lucky

Date is wrong, picture was taken 9/29/2012

Had the best bow hunt I have had this year so far! Didn’t get the shot off but I had deer start to finish. It was a warm Sunday afternoon and I wasn’t in a hurry to get to my stand. Got to my stand at 5:15PM and had just got settled in. I spotted two does and a fawn making their way toward me. They worked through and met up with another doe and fawn, already I had seen more deer than I thought I would see that afternoon. There was still an hour or so left of light. I knew it was going to be a good hunt.

Another doe came from the CRP field into the timber and worked through the same as the others all had come to my “No Plow Food Plot” only 25 yards from my stand. Now all I needed was one of the two ten pointers that I have been getting pictures of all summer long to come by. Got to be that time on the hunt, only about 15 minutes left, the coyotes fired up a few miles away. I was waiting and wondering to myself, will one of them show, will a buck I have yet to see show.

Just then I heard something coming, and coming fast. I could tell it was small at first I thought it was a coyote. When it got to the food plot I could see it was a small doe that I had seen on this food plot many times before, but she didn’t stop to eat just kept right on going up the trail. Now it’s a little early for the chase in my area. That didn’t stop me from thinking that there might be a buck in tow.


A few minutes went by and I spotted a body of a deer making its way into the timber about 60 yards away. Not knowing yet what it was, I was ready, it is very thick down in that area. I knew whatever it was wouldn’t give me a clear view until it was at 40 yards or so. When the deer popped out it was a buck and he was a good one. There was about 5 minutes of light left I couldn’t tell yet if he was one of the 10s or a good 9 point who had been hitting the scrapes often. He seemed to look right at me but continued to the food plot. The wind wasn’t as strong and I wasn’t sure it was still in my favor any longer. As soon as he got to the food plot he again looked my way. I could see the unmistakable taller brow tines, of one of the hitlister bucks. He put his head down and I drew my bow, as I did he stepped from broadside to an extreme quartering away shot. I was now or never was he leaving the food plot. I had to pass, I didn’t have the shot I wanted and it was almost to dark to really see through my peep sight. I hadn’t given this buck a name yet, until now, he will be known as “Lucky”. I hope to see him again soon!