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All New E-Callers from Johnny Stewart

Johnny Stewart GS1

Johnny Stewart GS1

Johnny Stewart® Wildlife Calls has introduced the new GS1 and GS2 Grim Speaker e-callers for 2016 with a host of features that can help hunters get the drop on predators.

The GS1 Caller includes five pre-programmed 16 bit authentic Johnny Stewart sounds, including Cottontail Distress, Howls, Coy Pup Distress, Fawn Distress and Vittles al a Jackrabbit. The 30 second sounds can be played in a continuous loop for extended calling sessions.

The GS1 Caller comes with a 6-button remote that has a 50-yard range. The pivoting carrying handle also doubles as a stand for aiming the call. The caller base operates on four AA batteries and the remote on a 12v 23-27A battery (included). The Johnny Stewart Grim Speaker GS1 Caller sells for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Johnny Stewart GS2

Johnny Stewart GS2

The GS2 Caller comes with ten preloaded original Johnny Stewart sounds, including Jackrabbit Buffet, Grown Cottontail, Canine Puppies, Johnny’s KiYi, Chicken Distress, Yellowhammer, Distressed Kitten, Fawn Bleating, Coyote/Raccoon and Coyote Pup Distress. The remote features an easy to read LCD screen that allows users to quickly choose the appropriate sound. The caller also has 256 MB of storage with a USB port to allow downloading of additional sounds.

The GS2 comes with a wireless remote that has a 100-yard range. The caller can play two sounds at once and has step volume control along with a Hyper button which speeds up the cadence of the sounds for added effect.

The Johnny Stewart Grim Speaker GS2 Caller base runs on four AA batteries and the remote on two AAA batteries. The GS2 sells for a suggested retail price of $119.99.

For more information about other Hunters Specialties products, log onto the Hunters Specialties website at www.hunterspec.com, or call a Consumer Service Specialist at 319-395-0321.

About Johnny Stewart Calls:

Johnny Stewart Predator calls continue to set the standard for hunting success on coyotes, foxes, hogs, bobcats and more.  The Johnny Stewart collection of custom predator and prey sounds is the industry’s most authentic sound library available for electronic callers. And with a full line of E-callers, mouth calls, diaphragm calls, and attractants, Johnny Stewart calls are all a predator hunter needs.  Johnny Stewart was the innovator of modern predator calling and his innovative designs continue to evolve to meet the needs of today’s hunter.  Johnny Stewart Calls is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunters Specialties, Inc.

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