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3D Archery Shoot – West Union, Iowa


Click to see lager view!!

Well the first 3D Shoot is in the books for the guys at Echo Valley Archers. As always it was a great shoot, they have added a lot this year to the range. In talking with some of the members they even have a theme this year. They call it the “Old Barn Yard”. Hands down the nicest indoor 3D range I have ever shot.

As for my shooting I shot well. I shot a 472 out of a possible 500 and that was good for 6th place out of 80 shooters in the Bowhunter class. You can find a full list of results at the the EVA website. My only goal is to try0112131058 and shoot better than I did the last time. It doesn’t always work out that way. Also I had a goal to not score a 5 on a target, I was able to accomplish that. I must admit I got lucky a few times, the moving targets come to mind!

Years ago I when I first started shooting 3D Archery, my goal was to not miss a target. Really for me it’s about becoming a better shooter. It gives me great confidence when I’m hunting knowing I put thousands of shots 0112131036athrew my bow and that no matter what happens I’m ready to make a clean shot when it is presented.

Echo Valley Archers next shoot is February 2nd & 3rd 2013, to find a shoot near you, check out 3DShoot.com



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