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2012 Iowa State Turkey Calling Championships

Well it’s in the books and it was an event to remember, for the 1st time a Turkey Calling Contest was streamed LIVE over the web. Callers from all over the Midwest made their way from Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, and, of course, Iowa to the Delaware County Community Center in Manchester, Iowa for the annual […]

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Archery Pre-Season… this isn’t the NFL

  …this isn’t the NFL, it means something A transition from Practice to Field: No matter how much you practice, you are not completely ready to head to the field until you change from practice mode to hunt mode. As an avid 3D tournament shooter, I have to make this transition every fall. To help […]

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Highest of Highs to the Lowest of Lows

Humbled and honored Really it was kind of fun, when I was asked by a fellow outdoor writer John Phillips, of Night Hawk Publications Inc, if he could interview me for a project he was doing with PSE. I mean how does an everyday hunter and archer like myself say no to that. John asked […]

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Trailcam Update August 1st

These pictures are from two different cams that I pulled cards on August 1st, the trail cams are about ten miles apart but these are two of my better locations for getting mid to late summer pictures of bucks. Now I have good numbers of bucks on these sets, no real monsters but a few bucks worth watching. […]

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Food Plots Part 3 of 3…Clover Mixes aka Green Browse

Clover Clover is considered by many to be the most universal deer food and the reputation is not without merit. I can’t lie to you, it’s my favorite; I use it on every price of land I help manage, some more than others. Clover is easy to establish in most regions of the country and […]

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SOYBEANS AND CORN….. Food Plots Part 2 of 3

Start Planning For Next Season…  Now Soybeans You can’t go wrong here, there is very little that you can plant which draws bucks during the summer like soybeans.  Beans provide plenty of protein, but the plants must also taste good because they often outdraw nearby clover that is even higher in protein.  Soybeans are high […]

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Hunters Don’t Sleep…. Trail Cams

I have had my trail cams out since the last day for turkey season; I know I’m a little overboard but with the cams on the market today why not. Most good ones run on a set of batteries for 9 months to a year, if the settings are right. So far this year I […]

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Food Plots…. Part 1 of 3

Start Planning For Next Season…  Now This is the first part of a three part blog on food plots, there is just not enough time or interest of the reader to want to read 2000 word spread on food plots all at once, we hunters are busy people. This is why I’m going to break […]

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3D Charity Shoot Results

The Waltonian Archers of Linn County hosted the Aiming for A Cure 3D Charity Shoot last weekend (6/23/2012) and Sara and I had a blast. This shoot had a ton of great shooters attend as well as many Mossy Oak Prostaffers, some of which followed Sara and I as we shot. No pressure for me […]

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Aiming for A Cure 3D Charity Shoot

Sara and I are going to a very special 3D shoot this weekend in Toddville, Iowa. The Waltonian Archers of Linn County are the host for an Aiming for A Cure 3D Charity Shoot. What a great shoot to be a part of it. Sara and I always plan to hit this shoot every year, what a […]

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Summer Time 3D Archery

Finally I got to an outdoor 3D archery shoot this year. I had missed a few that I would normally make, to catching up on things around home. It was killing me. It’s what my wife and I do throughout the summer months. It’s a lot like golf for some… and it’s great practice to get ready for the fall, […]

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Update… No Plow Food Plots

Well these food plots are doing great so far. We got about 2 inches of rain the first week and by the end of week one, we had seedlings. I couldn’t have asked for a better start, and in week two we got a splash of rain again but only about a half an inch. […]

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No Plow Food Plots

Step One: Nick using a weed-eater to clear the area!! The “no plow food plots” are in and all I need now is a little rain. Wow that was work! The day started with me taking a friend hunting, Nick still had a 4th season turkey tag for here in Iowa. We tried for a […]

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