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Changing from shooting practice field points to using broadheads for actual hunting is usually the only transition hunters make before hunting season. Unfortunately, most broadheads don’t make the transition very well. A hunting buddy of mine manages an archery pro shop, I spend a good deal of time in there before the season, I’m stunned […]

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“KING KALLER” Calling Contest Results

King Kaller, top prize up for grabs was $600, and the winner is Shane Simpson. This was Shane’s second big win in the last month, earlier winning the Iowa State Open. Shane also took home first in Owl Hooting as well as Gobbling. I have known Shane for about four years now and his calling […]

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When it comes to being as scent free as I can get, it’s a big deal. For many of you it’s as important as remembering to bring your bow and for some “not so much”. Removing human scent from your clothing and equipment should go without saying, but many bowhunters are either not aware of […]

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Okay it’s that time of the year to start putting together a Potential Hitlist of bucks we might like to shoot. Now I did say “potential” because trail cam pictures are great but they can be deceiving. Sometimes I just need to see that buck to know for sure if he is a shooter. Most of […]

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DRY RUN PRACTICE – Archery Pre-Season Part 2

Many hunters wonder why they flub easy shots at animals when they can stack arrows on top of each other, Robin Hood-style, on the practice course. Most times, the answer is simple: It’s all of that extra gear you carry into the woods that you don’t carry onto the practice course. If you’re like me, […]

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The KING of all Turkey Events

73rd King Turkey Day Festival – – September 14 & 15, 2012 – Worthington, MN Where else can you find race teams herding their star “athletes” (wild racing turkeys) down main street? The Great Gobbler Gallop is part of Worthington, Minnesota’s very own King Turkey Day festival. The King Turkey Day Board of Directors are […]

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2012 Iowa State Turkey Calling Championships

Well it’s in the books and it was an event to remember, for the 1st time a Turkey Calling Contest was streamed LIVE over the web. Callers from all over the Midwest made their way from Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, and, of course, Iowa to the Delaware County Community Center in Manchester, Iowa for the annual […]

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Archery Pre-Season… this isn’t the NFL

  …this isn’t the NFL, it means something A transition from Practice to Field: No matter how much you practice, you are not completely ready to head to the field until you change from practice mode to hunt mode. As an avid 3D tournament shooter, I have to make this transition every fall. To help […]

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Highest of Highs to the Lowest of Lows

Humbled and honored Really it was kind of fun, when I was asked by a fellow outdoor writer John Phillips, of Night Hawk Publications Inc, if he could interview me for a project he was doing with PSE. I mean how does an everyday hunter and archer like myself say no to that. John asked […]

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